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Building Families Through Adoption

Are you considering adoption? This can be an emotional and often complicated time. At The Law Office of Donna Simpson, we know that helping to bring together a family is always gratifying, no matter how small a part that you play. Adoption proceedings are among legal professionals' favorite family law experiences, and they are ours, too. Our hands-on approach to legal services means that you will always be informed and never feel alone in your efforts to build a family.

Family Experience

For over 40 years, Donna Simpson has helped Upper Cumberland families grow their families through adoption. The Law Office of Donna Simpson has experience with several types of adoptions, including:

  • Private – Domestic adoptions often happen through a private agency, which has specific steps to take for the adoption to be legal. Depending on the adoption plan made for a minor child, open adoptions are another arrangement option.
  • Independent – Some adoption plans occur directly with birth parents or as an identified adoption, which is a hybrid of both private and independent approaches.
  • International – The complexities of satisfying state, national and international requirements can necessitate a lawyer's help to navigate the various legal systems.
  • Special needs – Many special needs children long for a family to call their own. We can ensure that all details are accounted for in this type of adoption.
  • Stepparent – When a parent remarries, the new spouse may want to adopt their child from a different partner.
  • Adult – This type of adoption secures inheritance rights for the adult child.

We understand that you may feel vulnerable and not in control of what will happen next at some points of the adoption, especially the private and international adoption processes. Rest assured, we are with you every step of the way and can leverage our considerable adoption experience to impact your situation positively.

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