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Getting to the Cookeville Social Security Hearing Office

If you live in Sparta, Cookeville, Crossville, Jamestown, Livingston, Gainesboro, or Byrsdtown, your Social Security hearing will be held in Cookeville at 813 West Jackson Street.  The hearing office is located in the Jackson Plaza II shopping center, directly across from the Crestlawn Funeral Home. The office itself is hard to see from the road. If you are traveling west on Jackson, you will pass the large shopping center with TJ Maxx and Belk on your right. After you pass the shopping center, look to your left for a bright orange and yellow Mexican restaurant. When you see that colorful building, turn right into the Jackson Plaza II shopping center and then take an immediate left into the parking lot in front of the Social Security office.  The office is in the middle of the shopping center and has a sign on the door that reads, "Social Security Administration, Office of Disability and Adjudication Review."

When you go inside of the office, a security guard sitting to your left will greet you. You sign in at his desk and show your picture I.D. The guard will search you with a wand. Please don't make any jokes while you are being searched. Like any federal building, you cannot bring any firearms or knives into the building. Please be sure to check your pockets before you come in. It is best if you only bring in your I.D. and keys. If you have a purse or a briefcase, they are also subject to search. Any person who comes to the hearing office with you will also go through the same sign in and search procedure.

The guard will probably give you a release form to complete for the judge. Keep that form to complete with me when we meet to talk about your hearing. The hearing office has one private room where we can meet before the hearing. If it is available, we will meet there. If you have any questions when you get to the hearing office and I am not already there, you can call my office at (931) 526-2933.